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CE21 Office Hours

Office Hours
Clint McBride |  Isabel Leggett
2 Hours



Join Clint and Isabel, along with your fellow CE21 users to learn more about the possibilities within the CE21 platform! 

Please be aware, questions submitted before the event will receive priority in the discussion. You are always welcome to attend and just check out the cool stuff or see how others are using the CE21 platform. All are welcome! If there are no questions, our forum will begin with a quick review of a cool feature that we think you'll appreciate.

When you register, you'll be asked to provide the question(s) you would like to have answered at this event. Please let us know the specific issue you're trying to solve or training question that you have, so that we can adequately prepare. Please understand that you will be on the line with other clients, so if you have questions of a more delicate or private nature, please open a help bucket ticket to allow us to assist you that way. You can open a Help Bucket ticket here.

These events will be meetings, not webinars, so you may be on camera. 

If we find that these events are well attended and running long, we'll even add more into our calendar. We hope you will enjoy this new way of learning more about CE21. 


Clint McBride's Profile

Clint McBride Related Seminars and Products

Manager of Client Services


Clint heads our Client Services team, and works with clients to ensure the CE21 platform meets their needs, whether it’s a CE21 Virtual Summit or getting your catalog off the ground in the beginning. He’s a nerd for puzzles, so discovering the in’s and out’s of each conference or industry is always a fun challenge, and he enjoys watching pro wrasslin’, usually with his two weiner dogs Sharon and Charlie. 

Contact Clint at

Isabel Leggett's Profile

Isabel Leggett Related Seminars and Products

Implementation Specialist


Isabel is another member of our Customer and Technical Support team, as well as assisting with Virtual Conferences and onboarding clients. She’s into backpacking, outdoor teaching, and outdoor survival, and is the owner of three cats, a couple of dogs, and two box turtles