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Virtual Summit

CE21 Technology Showcase (2023)

Lisa Wise |  Casey Jones |  Braden Davis |  Clint McBride |  Kirk Bjorndahl |  Rick Rutherford
1 hour



Experience our full suite of cutting-edge Learning Management and Association Management systems at the CE21 Technology Showcase. Our platform also offers seamless management of In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid events, providing you with the tools to engage with your audience effectively. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, CE21 is the perfect technology solution for organizations of all sizes. Register today and discover why CE21 is the ultimate choice for simplifying your organization's technology needs.



Lisa Wise's Profile

Lisa Wise Related seminars and products

VP of Product Management


After being hired by a barefoot country singer, Lisa Wise moved quickly up the ranks of LibreDigital, a leading eBook start-up based in Austin. After several years honing her chops, she was lured away by the spectacular team at CE21. Lisa now defends her official title of Excel Guru with weekly spreadsheet cage fights and brings her sophisticated wit and whip-cracking project management skills to bear on all aspects of CE21's system.

When she's not schooling the team on best practices for client interaction, Lisa can be found knitting, karaoking, or catching some live music. Further questions can be directed to the hilarious and loud woman running the happy hour. 

Contact Lisa at

Casey Jones's Profile

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VP of Sales and Analytics


Casey Jones, MBA, joined CE21 in 2017 bringing with him more than 20 years in sales, including 15 years working closely with association executives to deliver new technology services to their organizations and members.

Following a successful career within the start-up space, Casey has leveraged his experiences into helping grow CE21 into a recognized leader in the online education industry.Casey’s firmly rooted in the belief that by treating customers as partners, we are all invested in each other’s success. “At CE21, our primary message to our customers is, your success defines our success.”

Contact Casey at

Braden Davis's Profile

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Lighthouse Product & Implementation Manager

Lighthouse AMS

Braden Davis is the Lighthouse AMS Product & Implementation Manager with CE21. Braden has than 15 years of experience working in Association Management Software systems. He works with clients to build out enhancements and help shape the direction of Lighthouse. Braden also implements and onboards new association customers to CE21 Lighthouse, including data integration, customer training and support.

Braden is a hardcore San Francisco Giants fan and when not watching, coaching, playing baseball he can be found headbanging at heavy metal concerts or waiting for his '78 Bronco to get out of the shop.

Contact Braden at

Clint McBride's Profile

Clint McBride Related seminars and products

Manager of Client Services


Clint heads our Client Services team, and works with clients to ensure the CE21 platform meets their needs, whether it’s a CE21 Virtual Summit or getting your catalog off the ground in the beginning. He’s a nerd for puzzles, so discovering the in’s and out’s of each conference or industry is always a fun challenge, and he enjoys watching pro wrasslin’, usually with his two weiner dogs Sharon and Charlie. 

Contact Clint at

Kirk Bjorndahl's Profile

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Customer Support Team Leader


Kirk leads the phone and email Customer Support team, and is also an uncredited inker on a published DC comic book. He also loves drawing caricatures, some of which can be seen for a split second in the 1994 movie “D2: The Mighty Ducks.”

Rick Rutherford's Profile

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VP of Industry Outreach


Rick Rutherford is a recognized author, speaker, association industry executive, with expertise in forging, developing and managing long term relationships with associations. A collaborative communicator, he loves to help organizations drive engagement by leveraging proven successes in education program development, idea exchanges and networking opportunities that enhance professionalism and promote high standards.

A co-founder of an association technology company, Rick has dedicated more than 30 years of his life serving the association industry in a variety of roles.

Contact Rick at

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