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Classrooms + Virtual Conferences

Advanced Training Series
Lisa Wise |  Clint McBride
1 Hour 09 Minutes
Audio and Video

Tags: product


Classrooms are a great resource for learning when you need to incorporate multiple products into one place.  Virtual conferences are very similar to classrooms.  One of the biggest differences between the two is that virtual conferences incorporate live elements.  Lisa is going to take us through both and show us how we can successfully use this complex product type.  


Lisa Wise's Profile

Lisa Wise Related Seminars and Products

VP of Product


Having been at CE21 since pretty much the beginning, Lisa does a bit of this and a bit of that around here. Her main focus now is to oversee the development efforts to ensure everyone gets fun new features as well as bugs fixed quickly. She loves solving everyday problems, knitting, and karaoke. 

Further questions can be directed to the boisterous woman running the next happy hour. 

Contact Lisa at

Clint McBride's Profile

Clint McBride Related Seminars and Products

Manager of Client Services


Clint heads our Client Services team, and works with clients to ensure the CE21 platform meets their needs, whether it’s a CE21 Virtual Summit or getting your catalog off the ground in the beginning. He’s a nerd for puzzles, so discovering the in’s and out’s of each conference or industry is always a fun challenge, and he enjoys watching pro wrasslin’, usually with his two weiner dogs Sharon and Charlie. 

Contact Clint at