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Complex + Simple Live Events

Advanced Training Series
Lisa Wise
1 Hour 11 Minutes
Audio and Video

Tags: product


Live events are coming back into action and we want you to be ready!  Learn with us and get better acquainted with how to use live events within our system.  Lisa will be exploring the ins and outs of this product type and what CE21 Manager can do for your customers.  We don't just handle the virtual/online side of things!  We are also equipt to assist you with your in-person conferences!  Join us for this webinar and find out how.




Lisa Wise's Profile

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VP of Product Management


After being hired by a barefoot country singer, Lisa Wise moved quickly up the ranks of LibreDigital, a leading eBook start-up based in Austin. After several years honing her chops, she was lured away by the spectacular team at CE21. Lisa now defends her official title of Excel Guru with weekly spreadsheet cage fights and brings her sophisticated wit and whip-cracking project management skills to bear on all aspects of CE21's system.

When she's not schooling the team on best practices for client interaction, Lisa can be found knitting, karaoking, or catching some live music. Further questions can be directed to the hilarious and loud woman running the happy hour. 

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