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The One About Credits Pt. 2

Training Series
Lisa Wise |  Jaime Spicer
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Audio and Video


A continuation of Part 1, where we discuss setting up your credits and your certificate, this session will focus on all of the many certificate requirements there are available within CE21. Some of these are hurdles your users jump through to verify their attendance and concentration on the task, while others can be used to gather user feedback. Learn which Certification Requirements you can set as a template to save time on course creation. 

Please be sure to sign up for Part 1 of this series as well!  




Lisa Wise's Profile

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VP of Product Management


After being hired by a barefoot country singer, Lisa Wise moved quickly up the ranks of LibreDigital, a leading eBook start-up based in Austin. After several years honing her chops, she was lured away by the spectacular team at CE21. Lisa now defends her official title of Excel Guru with weekly spreadsheet cage fights and brings her sophisticated wit and whip-cracking project management skills to bear on all aspects of CE21's system.

When she's not schooling the team on best practices for client interaction, Lisa can be found knitting, karaoking, or catching some live music. Further questions can be directed to the hilarious and loud woman running the happy hour. 

Contact Lisa at

Jaime Spicer's Profile

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Client Services Specialist


Jaime Spicer is a California native who has spent most of her life in Texas.  After graduating from Baylor University, she spent a few years honing her legal chops.  After deciding not to go to law school, she switched gears and spent four years with another start up that created highly adaptive and innovative budgeting software. 

In her position at CE21, she is an integral part of our Documentation and Training team. Her position allows her to use her writing skills to create high value content in various mediums and further develop and improve our LMS training processes.  She is also very involved in Client Services and works with Clint McBride to provide a high level of care to our client base.

Contact Jaime at

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