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The One About Marketing and Sales

Training Series
Lisa Wise |  Nicolette Kowalewski
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Audio and Video


In this program you will learn about the following marketing and sales tools you have available to you within CE21 like: 

  • Discounts
  • Bundles
  • Gift Cards
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Banner Ads
  • Shopping Cart Notifications
  • Rewards Points
  • Referral Program
  • Ad Partners

Our pre-recorded programs are broken up into segments based on broader concepts so you will be able to skip ahead to exactly what you're looking for. Or tune in to the whole program to get a broader understanding of what CE21 can do. 

If you have additional questions after watching this program, please fill out this inquiry or training request form


Lisa Wise's Profile

Lisa Wise Related seminars and products

VP of Product


Having been at CE21 since pretty much the beginning, Lisa does a bit of this and a bit of that around here. Her main focus now is to oversee the development efforts to ensure everyone gets fun new features as well as bugs fixed quickly. She loves solving everyday problems, knitting, and karaoke. 

Further questions can be directed to the boisterous woman running the next happy hour. 

Contact Lisa at

Nicolette Kowalewski's Profile

Nicolette Kowalewski Related seminars and products

Social Media Account Manager & Media Production Specialist


Nicolette Kowalewski is an Austin Native and a graduate of the University of Texas' Radio Television and Film program. Upon graduation she worked in a variety of roles related to media.

She worked in education as a high school  Audio Video and Animation teacher for three years and left to pursue a freelance career in the local Austin Film industry where she held multiple production positions for a variety of film, television and commerical projects such as  Art and Office production assistant, 1st  and 2nd AD, production coordinator and producer.

She began her career at CE21 two years ago as a media production specialist. Since her hiring she has become an integral partner in coordinating Virtual Conferences, creating content for documentation, training and marketing purposes and has recently taken on the role of Social Media Manager.