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The One About Webinars

Training Series
Lisa Wise |  Reid Stillings
1 Hour 02 Minutes
Audio and Video

Tags: product


Learn all about how to connect your webinar service with Zoom or GoTo to CE21. Using this integration, you can run your webinars and meetings and also get time tracking for credit reporting purposes. You will also learn some best practices on managing speakers on the day-of as well as how to review the data and attendance records post-event. 

In this program, we offer many handout resources based on the lessons we learned in 2020, aka the "Year of the Webinar". 

Our pre-recorded programs are broken up into segments based on broader concepts so you will be able to skip ahead to exactly what you're looking for. Or tune in to the whole program to get a broader understanding of what CE21 can do. 

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Lisa Wise's Profile

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VP of Product Management


After being hired by a barefoot country singer, Lisa Wise moved quickly up the ranks of LibreDigital, a leading eBook start-up based in Austin. After several years honing her chops, she was lured away by the spectacular team at CE21. Lisa now defends her official title of Excel Guru with weekly spreadsheet cage fights and brings her sophisticated wit and whip-cracking project management skills to bear on all aspects of CE21's system.

When she's not schooling the team on best practices for client interaction, Lisa can be found knitting, karaoking, or catching some live music. Further questions can be directed to the hilarious and loud woman running the happy hour. 

Contact Lisa at

Reid Stillings's Profile

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Vice President of Operations


With over 10 years of experience running the media and webcast department at a prior continuing education provider, Reid Stillings has managed and overseen the success of over 2,000 live webcasts nationwide, from small associations to Fortune 500 companies. His passion for supporting affiliate associations in a fast-paced work environment made him the perfect addition to the CE21 team.

Contact Reid at

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