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Teri Carden



Teri Carden is an association junkie and self-proclaimed girl geek in normal girl’s clothing. After several years of experience in the association technology role, Teri answered a need in the association space by building, a trusted site for executives to provide end-user reviews of their association management systems (AMS). Teri still manages ReviewMyAMS all while tackling the day-to-day of building the software company, 100Reviews which is a tool that allows associations to spin up their own review sites to generate revenue and deliver value to their members. Teri is an early adopter, disrupter, and explorer. She’s the kind of girl boss who does stuff others are too afraid to try.

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How a Mindshift in Membership Management Can Change Everything

Rick Rutherford |  Casey Jones |  Willis Turner, CAE, CME, CSE |  Teri Carden
1 Hour
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Join us to learn how a fresh approach to membership management in conjunction with continuing education, can transform your association today. Technology that frees up staff to interact more strategic...
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